Four Principles of GTC

Stepping into the counseling office at any time often elevates anxiety, dramatically increases sweat gland production and triggers all kinds of old coping mechanisms to help you avoid engaging your struggles and preventing effective change in your life.

The therapeutic process at Golden Thread Counseling is based on four key principles designed to ensure that you are provided with a trusted, effective counseling experience.

Stability. A lifetime of abandonment and insecurity produces a belief that nothing and no one can be trusted. Sometimes, we don’t even trust ourselves. My commitment to you, as a client, is that I am here now and I will be here in the future for you. The counseling process will unfold as you desire, at the pace you desire, in the direction that you desire.

Experience. I greatly value my education and training in the counseling field, but I have come to realize that my life experience may be the greatest gift I can offer you. Life hasn’t been given to me on a silver platter, nor has the road been paved with gold. Yet, across the highest peaks and the deepest valleys, I have experienced much and desire to impart that knowledge and experience to each of my clients.

Encouragement. Much as Barnabas encouraged the great disciple Paul as he spread the Christian faith, I see my role in my clients’ journeys as one of encourager. Not to say what I think you want to hear, but to encourage you to open yourself more, consider alternative perspectives, allow for vulnerability and take managed risks in order to bring about the change you so desperately seek.

Hope. Your situation may be quite difficult. Your experiences may be unimaginable. Whatever the reason that compelled you to seek counseling, there is always hope. That does not mean that thoughts, feelings and behaviors can just be swept under the rug or that today is forgotten because tomorrow is another day. Instead, I believe there is hope that you can learn a more effective way to cope with your dysfunction. There is hope that traumatic experiences can become descriptions, not definitions. There is hope that healing and change are available to you. Despite how painful and tough the counseling process may be for you, there is hope for a future that is so much better.