You most certainly have questions about the counseling process. Please look through a few of the frequently asked questions below. I hope the answers give you better insight into the process.
How does the counseling process work?
People come to counseling because they want to effect some change in their life, whether that be to get a different perspective on a situation or to heal from a past hurt. As the counseling process unfolds, some clients actually feel worse as they work through their issues before they start feeling better. Change is never easy and it is rarely comfortable. The counseling process starts with an initial meeting to gather information and history in order to develop a plan to meet your needs and goals. From there, sessions unfold weekly (or, in some cases, bimonthly) to tackle whatever issues are necessary in order to reach your goals.
How much does counseling cost?
Fees are due at the start of each session and can be found here.
Is the counseling session confidential?
All conversations between therapist and client are completely confidential (except when mandated by law, such as with child abuse, elder abuse or imminent danger to yourself or others). No one will have access to your records unless you give prior written consent to do so.
How long is each counseling session?
Please plan for 50-minute sessions. After your initial 50-minute session, we will be able to establish a regular schedule to meet your needs.
How long will I need to be in counseling?
Clients often enter therapy hoping for a quick fix or solution to their issue. However, there are no quick fixes. The counseling process is greatly dependent on the active participation of the client and it can involve some difficult times. Change is never easy and it is rarely comfortable. I do not want clients to see me forever and strive to move them through the counseling process as quickly as possible. With that said, the number of sessions that you may need depends on your specific circumstance, progress made in session and the personal commitment that you make to counseling.
What if I cancel my counseling session?
At times, it may be necessary to cancel a counseling session. There is no charge to do so when your cancellation is made 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. Any session cancelled with less than 48-hours notice is subjected to the full session fee. No show appointments are also charged the full session fee.
Does my health insurance pay for counseling?
Some insurance providers reimburse policy holders for mental health services. Please contact your insurance provider directly about your specific plan. Please note that Golden Thread Counseling is considered an out-of-network provider and does not currently contract with any insurance providers (except for a local EAP). More information about why I do not work with insurance providers can be found here.
What does the PLLC mean in Golden Thread Counseling?
Golden Thread Counseling is a business entity set up with the Colorado Secretary of State as a Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC) and is required to operate as such by the Colorado Mental Health Statutes (C.R.S. 12-43-211). The specific statute is outlined in the Mental Health Practices Act and requires language and standards that must be met and followed. Various documents associated with Golden Thread Counseling being a PLLC can be found here.