Covid19 Response

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As COVID-19 spreads throughout Colorado, the Stay-at-Home Order by the State of Colorado  has changed the business landscape for the foreseeable future. As such, work as we know it, has been disrupted.

GTC is a Critical Business

Please know that as a critical business, Golden Thread Counseling will continue to remain open to serve the mental health needs in the community. This is a time that naturally adds increased stress and anxiety to our lives. The Order specifically states that traveling to and from critical businesses for treatment and services is approved. The Order further encourages critical and essential businesses, such as Golden Thread Counseling, to remain open for business.

In-Office Sessions or via Teletherapy

For those clients that need an outlet, the office can serve as a welcome respite to the daily situation. For those clients that want to be more cautious or are challenged at getting out, meeting virtually through teletherapy provides a secure and convenient way to do so.

While teletherapy does not replace the respite that you may experience coming into a familiar, safe office, it can be a good alternative when struggling with other challenges, such as:

  • You have a fever, body aches, a cough and shortness of breath and should stay home
  • You want to limit your exposure to others and places
  • Schools are closed and you need to stay home with your children
  • Your work situation has changed and driving to my office is no longer convenient
  • You are struggling with the isolation and anxiety of being home alone

Easy-to-Use Technology

My Client Portal has teletherapy integrated into its system. You do not need to download any software, though there is a teletherapy consent form that you will need to review and sign. If you are interested in this option, you can schedule the appointment online by selecting the teletherapy location. Right before our appointment, you will receive an email with the link to click to start our session. The system is quite easy to use and only requires a camera, microphone and speakers, which should already be enabled on your laptop, tablet or phone. If you would like to change an existing appointment to the teletherapy option, please let me know.

Strictly Following CDC Guidelines

Also be aware that the office building management is following the CDC guidelines in regularly cleaning high-touch areas in the lobby, hallways and restrooms. Self-serve hand sanitizer stations have been installed at the entrance and the exit. The lobby provides room to practice safe distancing while you are waiting. I will no longer greet you in the lobby with a handshake, but a hearty hello and smile. My office provides adequate space for us to engage at a safe distance. Within my specific office, the space is sanitized after every client. If you prefer to wear a mask while in the building and during our session, you are welcome to do so, but are not required. I will not be wearing a mask during our session.

Schedule Today

I encourage you to schedule a teletherapy session if you are symptomatic (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or if you’ve been around someone showing the same. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you in the office and will update this page as necessary.

Stay in the present and focus on what you can control. We will get through this.

Be well.

(updated 4/7/20)